Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, it's Saturday and the weather is wonderful. I was getting tired of the below zero with wind-chill business around here. It was 20 degrees F at 6 am this morning - that's warmer than it was all of yesterday!! And it's supposed to be warmer yet tomorrow.

I've been reading my friend's blog about her hunt for the medallion for St. Paul's Winter Carnival. I wish I grew up here and could help her with the clues for the hunt. I just don't know the area or the history of St. Paul enough. I'm also amazed by her creativity as always whenever I read something she writes.

On the knitting front unfortunately I'm stalled. I am still working on the duet socks but I have not knit more than maybe 10 minutes at a time for about a week. There are so many other distractions at this point that it just isn't on the top of my list. But I am planning on getting some knitting (or actually finishing) done this weekend. Today is the day I want to finish my nephew's EZ baby surprise sweater so that I can get it in the mail next week - I should have had it done months ago.

I also signed up to knit or crochet afghan squares for the Victory Junction Gang through the NASCAR group in Ravelry. There's a competition for those that want to join to make as many afghan squares as you can from when the green flag drops for the Daytona 500 through the end of the second Richmond race. I thought it sounded fun and I like to watch the races anyway so it gives me something to work on while watching!!

Happy Saturday everyone!!

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Laura said...

I MUST see the baby suprise jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!