Saturday, January 5, 2008

Duet socks

Well, I started out the week with a cold. Found out that I had an ear infection and a sinus infection. What a pain that was. Don't know how I made it through work with my head so stuffed up!! I'm feeling more myself thanks to the antibiotics.

Started a new pair of socks on the 1st and didn't like how they were turning out. So I picked up one of my Duet Sock yarns I purchased at The Loopy Ewe and started a plain sock. I wanted to see how this yarn was going to knit up without adding a textured pattern to it. So far I love how it's turning out! I will have to take a picture tomorrow.

It was a wonderful warm day out today. Wish it could have been a little bit warmer so that I could open the windows to get a little bit of fresh air into the house. I did go for a walk around the community center track with a friend. We're planning on doing it on a more regular basis - we both want to get in better shape.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!

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